date written: 19th January 2023

I really love games. Games are the reason I got into programming. But, Until now, I haven't really had a chance to make games. When I started coding back in 2020, I tried game development with Unity, however, it isn't like the programming I am used to. It is last about coding and more about interacting with the game engine. And, I was bored.

The thing I like about coding is its engineering aspect. With Unity and such, I didn't feel as excited. Then, about 3 years went on in the web development field. And, I like it, I am really good at it. And, I am still going to be a web developer professionally of course. But, something about making a game from scratch fascinates me.

Last semester in my university, I had to take a course titled "Graphics Programming". And, it sparked my interest in game development again. Initially, I didn't understand vectors and stuffs. I have always considered myself too dumb for such matters.

to be continue ...